Cooking or Cleaning?

Using Safe Natural Cleaning Products Found in Your Kitchen!

Is it time to clean out your refrigerator? Remove everything including the drawers and racks then spray the walls down with Ginger Clean All Purpose Spray. Let it sit for a few minutes on the tough stuff. Wipe with a clean cloth before putting drawers and racks back in. Don’t forget to throw out the spoiled food.

Do you have a bad odor coming from your Frig? Check the rubber gasket strip. Mildew can grow and spills can go unnoticed for months in those moist grooves and creases. Use white vinegar and a damp cloth to do your initial cleaning then maintain this area with our Ginger Clean Window and Mirror Cleaner. The vinegar will keep the mildew away and the peppermint scent will keep your frig smelling fresh.

Appliances are generally made of hard enamel and are easy to clean. For stubborn soil or hard water droplets, use our All Purpose Spray and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping. It’s neither necessary nor advised to use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. If you have stainless steel appliances try our soft scrub.

This is a great tip when cleaning windows. Be sure to do it when the glass is cold. If the sun or a light heats up your mirror it will streak no matter what cleaning product you use. If you are using Ginger Clean Window and Mirror Cleaner for the first time you may need to add a little dish soap to remove any build up left from your last window cleaner. Many of the commerical brands add wax to their formula.

Do you have a lot spiders in your house? Cobwebs come off easily if you pick them off rather than rub them in. The lambswool duster is the best tool for the purpose. If you spray Ginger Clean Window and Mirror or Outdoor Cleaner in the spider’s favorite spots they will hesitate to return because we put a natural spider repellent in both those products.