Using GINGER CLEAN products reduces negative effects on your health such as skin, eye, and respiratory irritations, allergies, headaches, nausea, poisoning and cancer. It only takes 16 seconds for chemicals to enter your body and travel to internal organs. Take a moment and think about your health and the future.

“Ginger Clean is the best detergent I’ve ever used – little suds, safe for septics and fabric softener isn’t needed!”

Ginny Hamilton

“Thanks so much, even my daughter loves your Ginger Clean All Natural Cleaning Products. She took mine to school so now I need more for me.”

Bev Price

“The Ginger Clean product line does an amazing job. I would recommend these products to anyone!”

Kris Elbert

About Us

In a world where “natural” can be overused, even misleading, Ginger, Carol and Tammy, bring to your family a TRULY all natural, environmentally friendly line of cleaning products and laundry soap.

Ginger Clean’s philosophy is to protect you and your family by using only truly natural ingredients. Our entire line of products bring peace of mind to your family, home and the environment’s future. We truly believe in our products and trust you will too.

Cleaning Tips

Chilly Waters Make for Wrinkle Free Laundry
Chilly Waters Make for Wrinkle Free Laundry

Cold rinse water not only saves energy, but it reduces wrinkles too! However, most laundry soaps including Ginger Clean Laundry Soap, work better...

Cooking or Cleaning?
Cooking or Cleaning?

Using Safe Natural Cleaning Products Found in Your Kitchen! Is it time to clean out your refrigerator? Remove everything including the drawers and...

Raid The Pantry, Clean The Bathroom
Raid The Pantry, Clean The Bathroom

Using Safe Natural Household Cleaners to Thoroughly Clean your Bathroom Does your shower curtain need a good cleaning? Trouble dealing with soap...

Featured Products

  • All Purpose Cleaner

    Ginger Clean All Purpose Spray

    Ginger Clean All Purpose Spray uses essential oils and organic soap to have the same cleaning power as commercially made cleaning products. Ginger Clean All Purpose Spray contains grapefruit, tea tree, clove and almond oils to clean and disinfect surfaces in your home.  Ginger Clean All Purpose Spray can safely be used on granite, marble, wood and tile surfaces […]

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  • All Purpose Cleaner

    All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

    Looking for a more economical way to continue to use your favorite Ginger Clean products? Look no more, save money with our All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, it’s the same great product sold in the spray bottles! Perfect for refilling your empty Ginger Clean bottles or for any high volume use. Ginger Clean All Purpose Concentrate […]

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